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September 16, 2011



I love how organized you are! You have so many stamps, Cheiron!!

Jen d

Oh I love this! I recently decided my binders were too stuffed & I wasn't using them. I did something similar to you but cut up those stamp storage binder pages & put them in a metal container I had laying around. I'll have to get those page protectors....the binder pages are too expensive to do them all that way and I didn't have a way to include the label. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Jay

Love the dividers! I use Itso boxes for most of my clear stamps too. I've been using the original packaging, but I really like the way you're using those half sheet protectors.

dustypenny (Joy)

Looks great!


OMG! You have tons and tons of stamps! This is definitely a good storage solution and will keep this in mind if my collection ever expand to this stage! TFS! At the moment, I just put my cling and clear stamps on a folder with individual pocket!

Sue McRae

Thanks for sharing your wonderful storage system!

Kimberley Jackson-Brown

This is such a GREAT idea!!

janet wilson

I have been looking at wasy to re-vamp my storage for clings and clears. I too started with little folders and pockets from Target but hey are no longer available - very rude of Target, I say - LOL. My collection has really out grown that system though anyway. Yours is wonderful, Cheiron and the best by far - thank you for sharing!

Sue McRae

I keep my stamps in page protectors too but haven't found a container I like to store them. I need to make a trip to Target for some of those bins!


Wonderful stamp storage, I currently used albums, I don't have any where near what you do,but it was building up, and mine were all in drawers and not getting used, so I switched to albums and that is working for me, I have 5 albums full and I have taken each plastic set out of its sleeve, left them adhered to what they came on, and then attached that plastic sheet to a piece of cardstock that had been lamenated and punched with a 3 hole punch and it is working well for me, I know what sets are in which albums and use them more frequently, as i don't have to use the stamp and then put it all back togehter, I just slap it back in its ablum an done.

Thanks for your idea, if my stamps ever get to that amount, I will have to redo what I do.!!


Ava Sloane

Cheiron, I'm coming to your house to play! You have an impressive collection and it is beautifully organized!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

Great post Cheiron and thanks for sharing it! I ONLY wish I had started cataloging my stamps (and dies) back when I started. I think it would be soooo overwhelming to start now...but I also know that I really SHOULD do it!!

An Excel spreadsheet sounds like a great idea and one I have have to use!!

I also now LOVE the Avery Elle Pockets and inserts and buying them is what inspired me to come up with ideas! :) THANK YOU!!

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