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May 29, 2012



Oh I would LOVE to win this!!! Have never taken a class online and would love to experience one and learn. Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!!

Mary Dawn

i didn't get a chance to take this class while it was live, it'd be great to win a spot, i'd love to learn more about my Cameo


Would be so wonderful to win a spot. Thanks for the chance!

Debbie D

This would be so great. I would live to learn all I can!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Michele H

I have a brand new Big Shot that I have barely used...this class would be soooo helpful!


I'm so intrigued by all the cards I saw people create in this class, I'd love to see the process they went thru! Count me in!

Chari Moss

I did miss out and I would love to win a spot! Thanks for the chance. I have really loved the other Online Card Classes I have taken, I just missed out on this one when it was live.

Natalie Torres

I would love to learn more about die cutting! Thanks for the chance to win!

Virginia L.

I would love to win a spot for this class, Cheiron! Thanks so much for the chance!

Karen G (Cardcrazed)

I would love to win a chance to take this class Cheiron! Thank you for being generous and give away a spot in the class.

Lisa Alonzo

Thanks, Cheiron. I would love to win this class and it would make a great bday present to myself :) It really looks like it was great judging from what I saw people doing!


This would be so much fun!!!


So nice to have a chance to win a spot in this class - thank you, Cheiron!

(not sure how that happened in the comment above - could you delete it for me?)


I would love to win this class and learn all about cutting.TFS


I have not taken any of the online classes as of yet but would certainly love the opportunity to win one. Maybe that would be the bump I need to take one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Maureen Morton

I am just completing my class with Julie (I am running late), but really like how it all works. I wanted to take this class, but I haven't gone electronic. So glad to see they have separated them. A great bunch of gals, too. I'd love a chance! Thanks so much!

Sue in Grapevine

I would love to win this!

Sue McRae

I'd love to learn some new ways to use my Vagabond! Thanks for a chance to win!


I wondered about taking this class but didn't. I would love to win a chance to do the class. Thanks for your wonderful giveaway.

vera rhuhay

oh...I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance,Cheiron!

Lucille K

thank you for the chance to win a spot in this class. I have wanted a Silhouette forever and hope to purchase one by the end of the year :)


I keep thinking about signing up for the class but haven't made the commitment yet. Thanks so much for this opportunity!


Fabulous giveaway! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

A Facebook User

YES! I would LOVE to win a seat in the class!
Just got a CUTTLEBUG and would like to know how to use it!


WHAT ... YES ... ME ME ME ... I want in!!! So awesome Cheiron I would love to know how to do more with my die-cuts traditional and electronic.

Jeannie L

Yes would so love to win a spot in this class. Thanks so much for the chance!

Linda van Vliet

Fantastic chance to win a spot, thank you so much!

Cecilia Hsieh

Thank you for a chance to winning a spot in this class, I've seen some of the beautiful work inspired by class participants.


This is a class that I have never done before and it would be amazing to win this. I have taken Jennifers classes when she use to do them at 2 Peas so I know that they will be wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marie / Legojenta

Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win =)

julie m

heard great things about this class. thank you for the chance to win.


Thanks for the chance to win.

Cindy C.

Oh I would love to win a spot for the on-line class. I've got a Big Shot but still quick timid to use it. Thanks for the chance Cherion!

Michelle Liimatainen

Oh I want to take this class soooooooo badly!!! I love all their classes but couldn't afford this at the time...or now! :) Fingers Crossed! xxx :)

andrea smith

awesome! thanks for the chance...i'd love to win part one especially! :)


congrats on being a guest designer!! I would love to win a spot!

Linda E

Looks like a fabulous class! Thanks for the chance!


Congrats on being the guest designer, Cheiron! Would be so honoured to learn from all the expertise!

Glenda J

Thanks for the chance to win! Congrats again on being a guest designer!


Top 20 in Gallery Idol...wooot woot for you. So thrilled for you.


Top 20 here you come! Congrats!!!!!


Congrats on Top 20 in Gallery Idol! Heeha! Can't wait to see more of your creations, Cheiron!

Miriam Prantner

What a great giveaway! I was coming by to say congrats on being in the Top 20! I'm completely floored and really honored to be with such a talented group of ladies! Good luck!


congrats on being top 20!


Love your Idol card-- congratulations!!! (And, I'd love to take the class, too-- thanks!)


Congrats on the top 20!! I love th sunshine card and can;t wait to see more!!!

Luz Maria martin del Campo

Oh Cheiron! Congrats on you making the 20 finalists for Gallery Idol, and I did not know you were in the big leagues at HA and Online classes wow! I would love to take this class, I could learn so much from you guys! Thanks for the chance!

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