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May 25, 2012


Betty Hakucsa

What a pretty puppy, good luck with him.

linda trace

so sweet!! great nanme too xxx

jenn shurkus

welcome to your forever home big boy! you are so handsome!!

Maureen Morton

A dog in the city! That is a huge responsibility. But, what a sweetheart he is. Enjoy him - he is one lucky guy. I'd love videos by you on anything.....shoe tying, making fudge, flying kites.....you name it! But anything crafty, for sure. Loved it.


He is gorgeous, Cheiron!! I hope you'll all be very happy together!

Virginia L.

Big Boy looks so AWESOME!! Glad that he is in GOOD hands!! As for your videos, I love to see ANYTHING you can come up with!


What a beautiful dog, we also have a rescue dog and she is our best dog ever, she listens so great and just loves us so much, as we love her like she is our children!

kathy (krolski)

Big boy is so adorable or I should say so handsome. :) Love how cute he is! I loved your 1st video so I know any crafty video from you will be awesome!

Lisa C

Aww, Cheiron... isn't he sweet! Congrats on your new furbaby! :) xo


That new dog of yours is beautiful and looks at home. Love his name too, did he come to you with it?
As for your video it was just great and I like to watch how you build the card. You make such awesome cards!


He is a beauty - and love his chartreuse collar!


He's adorable, I can't wait to meet him!

Sue Givens

Hi Cheiron, You new puppy is adorable--Congratulations. I would love to see more of your craft videos. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Glenda J

Congrats... he's adorable. I know he'll be well loved.

Winnie Dolderer

Congratulations on your new family addition. He is beautiful! Now you will have someone to watch you create! Have a great holiday weekend.

Jill Grace

Love him! So happy for you :)


He is just gorgeous. Snuggle him for me please!

June g.

He is beautiful! Love the tag:)

Michelle Liimatainen

Cheiron...he is just beautiful!!! Enjoy him! Dogs are the BEST company! The keeper of all our secrets!!! I love his name.

Marcy K

Ooo, I could kiss his face! What a beautiful boy!


He has such a kind and sweet face. I can imagine how much joy he is bringing to your home. I think video series is a great idea - I would love to watch anything!

Jocelyn Olson

Your new pup is so cute! Congrats! And HUGE congrats on the GI Top 20!!! I'm thrilled for you. I LOVE your card!

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