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June 18, 2012


Jill Grace

Latios, Ray, and I really dig this card :)


Oh, my goodness, Cheiron! I am so impressed! Being away from home like that, during this round, you really needed to get creative . . . . and YOU DID!! This is so much fun! Those plastic bags make the perfect waves - well done!! Good luck to you! :)

Simone Naoum

This is soo funky and creative! Love how you used the bags! Congratulations on making the Top 10! Good luck for the next round :)


Cheiron, your card is so cool. Love your idea. Good luck!!!

Virginia L.

Ultra creative, Cheiron! It's amazing how you came up with this very cool design while traveling! Good luck on this GI round!

Michelle Liimatainen

Cheiron girl this card is AMAZING!!! I didn't even know it was yours as I was going through the entries and my first words when I saw it were "oh my WOW"!!!!

It's completely genius!

Good luck chica, I am so rooting for you!!!! :)

jenn shurkus

you def rocked this card!!! kudos to you being away and still creating a *wicked* awesome card!!

Maureen Morton

I love everything and anything ocean-related, but this card is wonderfully special - great wave action! Wish I could smell it. Darn cute and creative, Cheiron!


You made this on the road!?! Oh my Cheiron you are truly a crafting queen!!! Very original and I bet it does smell the best out of the bunch :)

Laurel Beard

Oh wow! This is absolutely amazing? Trash bags? NO WAY! LOL!

Michelle Mathey

You got my vote, Cheiron!! Great job - love all the textures!

Brenda Urbanik

This is so funny, you made me think of Cathy Fong who I think last year was also stuck in a hotel room while participating in a challenge! I love what you did with the trash bags, wow, really creative! I just love the texture! At least you made sure you were comfortable doing it with a Starbucks nearby! :) Good luck with the challenge!

Lisa C

This card is just amazing on SO many levels. WOW... the pressure alone is enough, but to also be out of town, AND a 'household items' challenge?? All I can say is, you're my hero. :)

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