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September 10, 2013


Virginia Ogg

Happy birthday Kelly. Cute card.

Karin Åkesdotter

Such a fun and fabulous card! Love it!


This is awesome! Totally fun and cute!


Happy Brithday to the Yeti-lovin Kelly Marie! May your day be filled with wonder and awe!


this is so cute! I love the party animal yeti!

Elise C.

Hehe, this is so cute! It's so colorful and your sentiment is great! :)

Julia Hernandez

huge fan of the yeti. Love the use of sequins as confetti


Totally fun, happy and bright!!
Awesome sentiment and I love the sequins!!!

Samantha M

OMG!!! Hello!!! This is an adorable card!!!! That yeti with a party hat...so cute!!! And the custom sentiment is so awesome!!!! Love it!!!! What a fun and unique birthday card! Genius!

Maureen Morton

What a sweetie, Cheiron! Love how you colored him and it really looks like a party is going on.


Such a cute card, Cheiron! Kelly is going to LOVE it!

annette allen

so totally adorable.. Happy birthday Kelly

Tiffany johnson

Absolutely adorable!!!! I'm kinda jealous I didn't make it ;) Thanks for joining us in making Kelly's Birthday memorable :)

Miriam Prantner

This makee me laugh! What a great way to use the Yeti!

jenn shurkus

anyone that is ready to party at anytime is WICKED fun in my book ;) love the sequins and patterned paper party hat!!! EEEKK so freakin cute ;)

Sandra ltb

Sandra ltb


mi piace


Yeti cute!! What's a birthday without a party hat?!! Love your paper pieced hat!


He he he! A partying Yeti! Doesn't get much cuter than that!


Your Yeti is so cute, such a fabulous and festive card! I totally buy a party animal Yeti, especially one with a rockin' party hat!


So much fun!!! What a happy card and Kelly loves the Yeti!!!


So fun!! Love the colorful party hat and the sequin-confetti!

Jen McDermott

SO AWESOME!! This just makes me smile.....Love the sentiment you created too. :)

lauren taylor

love your card! the party hat is too cute.


Oh my goodness, Cheiron! This is totally fab! Love the Yeti and the ADORABLE sentiment! So clever.

Samantha Casey

This is so adorable! I love that yeti so much! Amazing job!


Teresa Godines #6857

Love the yeti with a party had. Super cute


Everyone loves a Yeti! So cute!

Vera W. Yates

Cheiron, this is so cute!!


GREAT sentiment! I love it!

Charity Donaldson

Yeti or not... I say YETI! ADORABLE!! Can't wait to try more hats on the little bugger! He is so SO CUTE!!!

Charlene B

Totally Cool and Fabulous! :)


How cute!


That sentiment is too cute! Adorable card!

Angelina M

your card makes me happy!!! love it!

donna mikasa

So Yeti cute, Cheiron! Love the juggling sequins!

Carol L

The combination of sequins and a cute paper-pieced party hat spell FUN! Totally adorbs!!

Melissa Mann

ack! love it!

Christina Lamp.

What a lovely card!!!!!!


♫ Happy Birthday, Kelly!!
OMGeezers! This Card make me laugh so much ;o)


lol, this is the cutest thing!! Love how he is surrounded by colourful sequins. That yeti knows how to throw a party. :-)


Thank you so much for this amazing card!! It is so clever! I like to think that Yetis are partying all of the time now! Haha! Thank you for making my birthday so special. It means so much to me!


This is one of the best articles on this blog. I like the card so much. It is very cute!!!


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