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May 17, 2017


Carla S.

Super ideas!!!!

Dee Ann Matthews

What a great combination of stamps in the shark card- the guy is going to get bit! the brushstroke background stamp makes great water!


These are fabulous!


Love the bright colors used on each card.

Kate Davis

I love the way you did the water on the shark card! I think I want ALL of these stamps :)


Beautiful color choices for each card!

Linda S.

Such fun cards. The water is fantastic on the shark card.


Great cards.


The shark card with the brushstroke background is amazing!

Maria B

That bold brushstroke background looks interesting.

joy meadows

I love the heart card! And, the others are great, too. Thanks for the inspiration.


Great cards😊 I especially love the globe card with that wonderful sentiment

Dianne Lorento

Love your designs. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Michelle Daigle

All are great cards! Thank you for sharing!

Christina Dauven

I am loving the brushstroke background also and can see so many uses for it in my future cards.

Samantha O

brushstroke background makes a really interesting effect for water. Beautiful collection of cards.

sharon o

Great cards! Can't wait to play with this release!

susan king

We are all "Better together" Thank for sharing the great ideas!


Wonderful job. Three different styles. I'm going to have to check out that sentiment set.

Deb Selby

What a great shark card. The water is the perfect combination of stylistic and realistic.


Love the Your are Loved Messages. Have to add that to my list.

kim smart

Love the shark card!! so creative!


Ha, ha....love the shark card!

Tonya Jastad

Great cards, very creative!

Lisa A creations

Cute cards! I love the one with the world globes.

Teresa Doyle

Great use of the new products Cheiron. You have been busy!


Beautiful! Love all the vibrant colors! TFS

Fran Weinberg

Great cards. I love the bright colors you used.


Great shark card!

Tara Prince

Wonderful cards!

Mary McCaslin

Love colors!

Mary McCaslin

I meant...I love how you've put the colors together...my fat fingers hit the publish key too quickly...ugh

Debbie Hallamek

I love your cards especially the world one.


Love your ideas! So inspiring :) the card with the globes is my favorite!

Stef White

Awesome cards! I think HA has the best background stamps and I love that you used a couple so I can see how they look. The shark card is my favorite!


Love your unique style! Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn B

Really like the love background!! Great cards.

Lois John

Wonderful collection of cards. The shark card is my favourite!

Donna Ligon

Each one is very nice, but I especially like the "you are loved" card

Denise Ward

Ooooh, I really like all of your designs!! You have created heartfelt cards of love & appreciation and also something really fun. What a great way to show the many different options available with this Hero Arts release!

Pam Kent

Great cards!


Nice job.

Carol Godfrey

Very pretty colors love the background brush strokes looks very versatile!


Nice cards.


The We're Better Together card is really pretty.

Nana Griffin

Great ideas.

Amanda Dellamano

Love the cards! Thanks for sharing!!

Beverly S.

THanks for sharing your cards....all of them are cute! Love the shark one....I'm adding that stamp set to my "want" list!

Rema DeLeeuw

Love your cards!

Carolee McCaslin

Your cards are wonderful!!!

Kathy Thisted

great cards! really get the message across!


Let's have a bite! Great card

Kimberly Merritt

Your cards using the You are Loved set are gorgeous! That shark though - love him and is sentiments.

Sue LD

Great cards designs. Love the shark card.

Glenda J

No surprise - I LOVE all of these cards. Brilliant as always.



Lydia Lee

Beautifully made cards! Love! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


The shark card should only be sent to enemies.


Loved both cards! But, the shark one is super fun! thank you for sharing your cards for inspiration!!


Wonderful looking cards you made here..


Gorgeous release, love your cards!

Linda Hyden

I just love how you went outside the box and used different textures and papers to create these fabulous cards; thanks for sharing.

Amy Cooley

Your shark card is so fun! I'm adding that set to my wishlist!

Michele W

Great cards! I wouldn't have thought to use the brushstrokes bold background stamp to make water but it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

sheron egolf

I love these pretty cards. Thank you for the inspiration.

Marian H

I love the globe card. Such a great idea!

Cynthia Link

Such nice cards, thanks!


Your love card is my favorite. Great colors.


Great ideas for cards. Thank you.

bev p

Great cards. Don't ask me to pick a favorite--I love them all. I agree about the background stamp. It is clearly in the 'must have' category. Thanks so much.

Christy Malone

Great cards! Thanks for all the ideas!

Berina Febin

Such fun cards!! Love the shark card. I love the background stamp.

Becca Yahrling

Fabulous and fun cards! Gotta love the "Jaws" reference...

Tracie Pond

I love how you created a background with the world stamp. These stamp sets are amazing as are your creations!!

Dorothy Mutafopulos

Love the you are loved cards so awesome and the shark card is so clever.


Great techniques and designs! TFS

Kris Schleich

Nice work!


Uh oh! What a blast from the past! Those swimming silhouettes on your shark card made me think of the movie "Jaws". However, your card shows a more delightful-looking shark. :-)

I also like the colors and combination of stamps you used to create the other cards.

Colleen Howell

Okay the movie Jaws comes to mind on the one card, do not think I could even pick that one up to look at

geri S.

Fin-tastic cards!

Dee Earnshaw

Love your fun cards. So creative:)


Love your globe card. Beautiful coloring and great design.

Heidi Stamps!

These are great, I love the earth theme card best! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle Agland

Love the globes, so simple but effective!

Terry Simmons

Very creative ideas!

Jeanne Beam

Love all your cards. Thanks for sharing....

Barbara McDonald

Great cards. Love the way you created the water on the shark card. Very creative. Thank you for sharing

Barb C

Love that shark card, Cheiron!

Cathy Van Ry

Great cards. Thank you for sharing with us.


Love the love card - thanks for sharing

Cynthia Cole

Very clever cards!


The shark card is a bit creepy, but well made. Really like the others.

paula riddle

Great cards!

Billie A

Beautiful cards. Love them.


cute cards and the background stamp you used looks great!


Love the globe card!

Janet D.

Great card inspiration, thanks!!


Why is it that I hear the Jaws music now? Love the shark card.


Cute and creative cards

Gabriella B

That shark card made me laugh. I think a lot of people are having fun with that stamp

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