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May 17, 2017



I like the "I'm thankful" card, probably because it's more in the line of what I would send, although that shark card certainly has a touch of my humor...


Pretty awesome cards. Thanks for the smiles.


Love these--and that globe would be mighty versatile.

Diane Brown

A great lot of cards, love the shark being served lunch. Great colours.


Love your cards.

Ellen C

I love the background you used to create the water on the shark card!

Barbara Green

Great variety of cards. All lovely. Really love the shark card.

Isabel Z

Love what you created; you are so talented.

Cindy C.

Such clever designs!!


This is a wonderful release, thanks for the inspiration!

Diane B

Three great cards. Love how you used the brush strokes background as water.


I never thought that I could love a shark, but this set looks like so much fun!

Miriam Prantner

These are great! My favorite is that first one...those poop people!!!

barbara lassiter

Great cards, fun and beautifully created! :)

Christi Conley

OK, now I have added the Brushstroke Background and the You Are Loved stamp set are on my wish list! And the globes cards is so cute!!


Adorable cards!!

Kleri F

Gorgeous cards!Thank you for the inspiration

Lindar C

Your shark card made me laugh! Great cards.

Annette Pearce

The HA 'You are Loved Messages' set is definitely at the top of my wish list - so many great sentiments. Your heart card is my fave but all the cards are great. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle Hackett

I have to agree about the "you are loved" sentiment set. So many wonderful messages, and a great cause.

Natalie Godfrey

Awesome job on all your cards they are adorable!

Dawn Jones

These cards are so fun. Thanks

Carol K

delightful cards. . . .like 'the world'

Heather Lynn

Beautifully coordinated cards. Thanks for sharing!

Starr Patrick

Thank you for sharing these lovely cards.

Miranda Taylor

Awesome cards! I love the new shark set! Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful creations! I love the variety in this release! Thank you for the inspiration!

Tracy A

Love the heart card. The shark card made me think of the movie Jaws.

Phyllis Freese

I have seen so many great ideas for using the shark card, and yours is no exception. I also like the Loved card. Great ideas.


Wow the shark card is amazing, lovely cards

Laura Schollaart

Love the fun bright colors on all your cards! The people swimming by the shark are fantastic!


Love your Let's Have a Bite card - with all those swimmers looking like dinner!

Maryjo L Monterosso

Very cute. Love the mini globe background.

Janet Ingraham

Very fun and wonderful cards!

Tammy B

Really great cards! I love the globe card.

Denise Bryant

Awesome cards! Love the colors on the heart card!


Great cards, I especially like the shark one! TFS


Great job on the cards. The swimmers with the shark crack me up


You are Loved stamp set is a must have. Kindness is important.

Barb in Kazoo

thanks for sharing your great cards

Renee VanEpps

Awesome cards! Especially love the heart one with the beautiful messages and pretty colors :)

Linda Tasset

These are so beautiful!


Love these cards! Really fun release!

Katie Mowery

Cheiron these are great!! Love the background on the first one! I think I might just have to get that stamp for your water effect alone!

Susan T

I agree I love this background and what you did with it. The first thing I noticed and thought to myself how did you do that? Love all your cards.

Natalie Winterstein

Awesome cards! Love the shark card! :)

Marjorie Dumontier

Love the shark !!


An assortment of WOW showcases, Cheiron! I'm especially taken with your shark card; this set has perfect "scary cool" images to make cards for - and with - my nephew, who just turned 5!

Verna Angerhofer

Wonderful cards. I love all of them.


Wonderful creative cards! Love the globes card.

Mary Holshouser

that shark is so versatile.
Great cards.
thanks for sharing.

Jan D

Great cards!

Jan D

Great cards!

sherry butcher

Love the shark card and the world backgroung. I love this summer collection. Thanks for sharing.


Loving the shark card. I had not seen the divers used before your card. Such a great idea!

Angelique Vela

Definitely, enjoying these cards.

Gretchen Wilson

Super cards! Thanks for sharing!

Louanne Collins

Love that shark card - my girlfriend is always asking me if I wanna go get a bite! I should send her that card! Thanks for sharing!


What a hilarious shark card! Love it.


Great cards. I like the heart one.

Julie Booker

I love the shark card, it made me smile. The water design is fantastic and so different from how the others in this blog hop did their backgrounds. The hearts card is lovely. I really like the background and the colours used in the heart. Thanks for sharing

Kirsty Vittetoe

I am seeing a lot of fun here!

Sharon Taylor

The more I see of the shark set, the more I have to get it. Thanks for the great cards.

Sandy Small

The you are loved set is great, as is the brushstroke background!


Beautiful cards.

Mary-Anne V.

Wonderful cards...especially like the shark card and world one.

Cynthia Johnson

Very cool cards. You gave me some interesting ideas with the shark and swimmers...duh duh, duh duh duh duh...

Rebecca Ednie

I love your heart card. Gorgeous colours.

Brenda Brannon

Love all your cards but especially the shark card!

Farhana S

Beautiful cards!


Beautiful cards ! 💕

Roberta S.

Totally love your swimmers & jaws(shark) card. So hard to pick just one favorite set innthe 2017 Summer catalog.

Patt H.

Great cards! I love the shark set . So many ways to use it & great sayings!

Patti G

Your choice of colors were great!!!


Thanks for the ideas! So much fun to see what others do with stamps and dies.


OMG Cheriron..the shark card and swimmers is so cute. I LOL!


Cute ideas thank you for sharing :)

Julie F.

Funny shark card!

Jackie P.

Fabulous cards! Love the water on the shark card. The brushstrokes background stamp is quickly becoming a must have for me!! I love the little globes on the last card. They suite that sentiment perfectly!

Tara Bouldin

Lovely cards, really like your globe card, such a sweet sentiment.

Kim Maxwell

The You are Loved stamp set will be my next purchase FOR SURE!!! It's an amazing set and was developed by one of my most favorite people ever. Jennifer is my hero and an amazing role model!!! Would love to meet her one day!!


So love the shark card!!


Great to see how you put your own colorful stamp on this new Hero Arts Summer release!

Dawn B Burke

That first one is scary!

Dolores Holloman

The more I see the shark the more I love it. I think it is #1.. I love the card You are part of my world is awesome. I did not think I would like that stamp set but she changed my mind. I did not get this catalog but I got the layering one and u will want it too. I loved it!

Debbie Barba

Awesome cards! Love the colors you used for the earth! This Hero Arts release is amazing! Loving this blog hop with all it's talent and inspiration! Thanks for sharing yours!


Your shark card is hilarious!! dunn dunn dun dunnn...

Jennifer Cole

I love the idea that you used on making the water with the background stamp. Looks great!

Sally Ann

Crazy fun and creative cards! Absolutely love the we're better together sentiment!

Barb macaskill

Great cards! "We're better together" is my favorite! I do love the background on the Jaws cars though! TFS!

Debbie A Smith

Great cards

Helen Miller

Lovely cards! The heart card is so full of energy and happiness!

Christy Q

Love that brushstroke background card - I just added that stamp to my wish list because of your card.

Dana M

Terrific cards! The shark card is so realistic, it might just terrify me a bit :)

Karel Jennings

My son hates sharks...won't get in the ocean! Can't wait to make the shark card for him!

Angie Hall

I love all the bright colors you used to color the images and backgrounds. The "You Are Loved" sentiments is my favorite from this release too.

Deborah Kaye

Your cards are great! The shark one made me laugh!

Barbara Baxter

Great cards! The first one shows you have a great sense of humor! The other two are very supportive cards which everyone needs!

Tess Vogts

Beautiful cards, thank you for sharing with us!


Even more beautiful cards with these beautiful new products. Loving the creativity, especially the heart card.

Helen F.

Awesome card designs! Love the creative and fun ideas for the new HA stamps :)

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