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December 31, 2018



HNY! I am celebrating by purging closets. Really. My resolution is to donate to several charities in our area and reduce clutter--in mind and my surroundings. Love your work! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! Hope you will follow me at http://afourthlife.blogspot.com. kReN


BOTH of your cards are amazing, as always. LOVE your style.
Happy New Year to you! I'm having family and some friends over to celebrate with traditional Japanese New Year foods!

Kirsten B in MN

Love your cards! Going to see a movie with my boys for New Years!

Marliese Arnold

A happy and crafty new year to all and many greetings from Germany:-)
I look forward to all new inspiration.
We celebrate the new year with our neighbours.

Avra Williams

I need to practice my ink blending with those brushes! Maybe that's how I'll celebrate today! LOL!


I hope to spend 2019 with more crafting time.. and more time with family and friends.

Lana Lepinski

Thanks for the chance to win! I'm celebrating New Years by stamping all day with a few "chores" in between. We are having steaks and twice baked potatoes for dinner! Happy New Year to you!

Sharon Gullikson

I am going to celebrate today by crafting, and watching a movie. I am sick...

Brian Poteraj

I am celebrating by filing 2018 receipts :)

Jackie S

New follower on Instagram @createdbyjackie Today is going to involve doing very little. I do need to make a card today. But I have all day

jan metcalf

Your cards are great! I plan to start on my thank yous for the holidays today. Thanks for getting me inspired! Following you on instagram now!

Jennifer Ingle

Oh, hey, it's you. ;) So....I had to go to NYC a million times this past year and we never connected and that means I pretty much fail at being an awesome friend. BUT, I miss your face. LOL! I'm celebrating the new year by staying home and hanging out with my husband and our two amazing dogs. 'Cause that's how we roll. Love these cards. The sprinkles on the cakes? WHAT?! That is awesome. Happy New Year, my dear!

Heather Bridson

Beautiful work! We are celebrating the New Year by staying in and relaxing together.

Trisha  Layman

Love seeing your creations! Always so awesome and very inspiring! Plans for New Years is a home cooked meal and movie marathon with the hubster! Doesn’t get any better than that...other than card creating lol!

Barbara Deichl

Great Cards--thanks for the inspiration and opportunity to win! Happy 2019!

Joela Pascoe

My goal for 2019 is to spend more time in my craft room, at least 3 days a week doing something creative.

Karen Ondes

Celebrating with family and friends at our house! Happy New Year!

Amy Cooley

We kept things low key this New Year's. Home is my favorite place to be. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop and for the fun giveaway.


Great designs. Spending the day trying to get over a cold. Not a great way to start the year. Love the hop


'What a fun hop!! I am loving your colorfull birthday card!

Leena Ahola

I celebrated quitely with my family, enjoying good food and good drinks. Weather was so terrible that couch was our happy place.😄

Mirella Rogan

Gorgeous cards, love them! Especially these yummy sprinkles on the cakes, LOL! I have two small kids so I celebrated New Year with them at home, but we had friends over (with their kids), so it was fun! We even had a "Frozen" "champagne" aka sparkling grape juice - it was truly adorable to see the girls so excited about it! :-) Happy New Year to you!

Heather B

Welcome to 2019! I am celebrating the new year with my family. Relaxation, some games and tv and maybe even some crafting!

Michele K. Henderson

Thanks so much for being a part of Seasons Givings! Have a warm and wonderful new year!
Crafty Hugs!


I celebrated New year's eve in my own at home, by choice. Due to loosing a close family member over the holidays, having Sat with her daily, I needed a day for reflection and peace.

Cathy Derouche

love the cards I especially like the jimmies. they look good enough to eat.

Lisa G

Happy New Year! What a wonderful collection of cards - such talent! I am celebrating the new year with friends and family tonight!

Marcie Bolt

Love these cards! I am celebrating by watching the fiesta bowl!!


Happy New Year! New to your blog, to your instagram, and to Seasons Greetings.
Great minds think alike. I already have the items. Please do not enter me in the give away.
Just wanted to say "Hello" and that your cards are beautiful.I

Bonnie Eng

Wonderful cards and a great reminder to make one myself since I have a friend having a birthday soon. I am now following your instagram too. I am spending a nice quiet day at home with my hubby and dog, watching the Hobbit trilogy, and beading... and blog hopping!


Love both cards! New Years Day is pretty quiet. Wish I was crafting.

Donnalee Boisseau

Our New Years is pretty quiet. We just hung out and cleaned then my dad came over for dinner

Elizabeth Joubert

Definitely see a movie and go out to eat! Lol Saw the lasted Jennifer Lopez movie and on my way to eat Korean Food! Happy New Year 😊

Lynne Jardine

Beautiful cards! I had a nice lazy day with my hubby and our Westie - a lovely dinner followed by a snooze!

Melissa Edwards

Just love ALL your cards! Wish I lived closer so I could take a class! Happy New Year and keep thrilling us with new creations! For New Year's day, I plan to be all alone and reflect on last year and decide a plan of action for 2019. It will be quite challenging for my family.

Barb S

I’m celebrating the new year with neighbors and some “surf and turf” (lobster and steak). On New Year’s Day we’re just enjoying a walk in the woods and some blog reading :-)


Sorry not on Instagram but I did want to tell you how much I love the cards you shared. I am celebrating the New Year quietly surrounded by those I love most.

Meghan Kennihan

I already follow you on Insta! MadeByMeghanK! Love these colorful cards! I am crafting on NY! Thank you for the chance to win! Happy New Year! (meghan.kennihan@gmail.com)


Happy New Year! I am now following your blog and I was already an IG follower. For new years we didn't do anything, just stayed with the dogs because of the fireworks. Today, news years day, we've been watching football.


Joy F

Celebrating with a family dinner tonight!


Happy new Year--

Patricia L Smith

Happy New Year! Love your blog! I'm going to work on my watercoloring skills! pattismith302@gmail.com

Krissy Fossmeyer

Great prize package - thanks for the chance to win! I celebrated 2019 last night with "snacky" dinner and the big countdown with my husband and two boys. Wouldn't have it any other way!


Happy New Year. I'm going to craft more this year!

Lisa Byers

I absolutely love the birthday cake card!! I love taking small stamps and making a background with them. I think they make some great cards. The sprinkles make the cakes pop!! Great prize package!!!

Ann Barnes

Happy New Year Cheiron! I celebrate New Years by looking back at all the positive things that the year before brought to my life and how blessed I was. I appoach the new year with an open heart and excitement for whatever is to come. I don’t usually go out on New Year’s Eve, just spend it at home with my family.
Thinking of you and wishing you a 2019 filled with blessings. xx
Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

Wida Miller

Sadly lately I fall asleep at 11. I can’t make it to midnight anymore :(


Happy New Year! We always spend New Years with all of our family at my parents. We are in California so we watch the ball drop @ 9pm which works out so well for all of the little ones and those of us that cannot stay up late.

Johanne McCullough

I love the translucence of the balloons on the first card. I am following you on IG. I\m celebrating the new year by, what else, crafting and making more greeting cards. LOL

Billie A

Love your cards. Great colors for the balloons. Love it. Your other card is so colorful and pretty. Love it too.. Happy New year I hope 2019 is blessed.. we spend New Years at home and just us and our three dogs. Quiet night.. We're quiet people.. LOL


Spending the start of the new year checking out all these blogs and entering all the hop giveaways hoping to win one.

Wendy Jones

I celebrate the new year by writing down all the habits that have not served me well over the last year and then burning the pieces of paper in the fireplace, thus releasing the habits.


i'm spending my day today doing this blog hop as am still in a care center following major surgery - love your balloon card in those pretty soft colors.


Happy New year. I had a quiet day with my family, reading and catching up on some TV show.

Margaret B

Happy New Year! I am spending this day prepping pictures to begin my granddaughter's scrapbook and taking down Christmas decorations. Thanks for participating in this blog hop,

Colleen Beamish

I celebrated the New Year with my family! We went to a comedy show then went home and gathered around the TV for the countdown.

Beverly Sizemore

We celebrated the New Year at home with family and friends watching parades and football. (Yep, we are a "wild" bunch!) ;) Happy New Year!


I celebrated the new year with my children and grandchildren. Played some games and had lots of fun. I hope this isnt a problem but I dont have instagram. I do want to say i like both of your cards and wish you a very happy new year..... lindaplusthree@yahoo.com following on pinterest and facebook....


Celebrating with family and a pot of Hoppin' Johns.

Cyn Doll

I am celebrating with family and some bottles of Sparkling Cider.


I am celebrating with my family, drinking some sparkling cider, and watching some fireworks.

Jamie Christenson

Super fun cards! I celebrated with family and friends playing board games with the kids and adults.


Spent new years sorting craft supplies with my family.


I already follow you on IG, and celebrated at home with my hubby and granddaughter. We are not ones to stay up late on New Years eve so watched the ball drop in New York and were in bed by 11:00pm! Thanks so much for the chance to win and happy 2019!


Celebrated New Year with family safe at home. Happy 2019

Kirsty Vittetoe

The cards are awesome!!
Just follow you on instagram!
It was a quiet new year here at home since the kids are all back to work in other states! Happy 2019 to you and all!

Lieve S

Both great cards !! Thank you for sharing.
It's the first time I come across your blog, thanks to the blog hop.
I'm not on Instagram, but subscribed to your newsletter; to see more of your work in the future. Thanks in advance.
Happy, healthy, creative New Year from Belgium !
We celebrated at home with the family.

Heidi Rees

I celebrated the New Year by working a night shift. Not the best way but I made the most of it and even wore a fun hat!

Teresa Doyle

These are great cards Cheiron, I especially like how you did the balloons on that card with the stencil...love it!
We celebrated New Years with our son/DIL here at home with a BBQ then went next door to visit our oldest friends and their family, playing Charades until midnight. Lots of laughs and memories made.
Happy New Year!


I don't have instagram. Your cards are pretty. Especially all the cakes on the one card.

Karen Sanville

Happy New Year. Following on Instagram.Celebrated the New Year with a big Family dinner. Would like to say it was quiet but with 20 plus people It wasn't

Kathy Barrett

I am following you on Instagram! Love your celebration Cards! I will celebrate the New Year by doing the things I love like spending time with family & making time to craft more!

Arlene aka Sundaystamper

I don’t do Instagram so I followed you on Pinterest! I am celebrating the New Year by leaving Christmas up until friends come for dinner Saturday!

Rachelle A.

Hi! I celebrated the new year with my husband and 3 kids - we all stayed up this year which is the first time everyone has done it.
Thanks for the chance to win and God Bless!

Debbie Rumpza

We actually had a quiet evening at home since my son is in town and he has two littles! We did enjoy a game of Rack-O which I lost... LOL

Kathy Schweinfurth

Happy New Year! I'm already an IG follower -- love your work!! We had a very quiet New Year since there's a virus going around :)

Teri Wilson

We did the traditional dinner and a movie!

Nandini Karmarkar

Happy new year! I follow on Insta. Love your work. And the two cards today are amazing!

Jeanne Beam

Such fantastic cards! I will be spending my new year crafting more and being with my grandkids ! Following you on Instagram.
Thanks for being a part of this blog hop and have wonderful New Year...

Rachel Walton

Happy new year! Beautiful card. I'm spending the beginning of this new year caring for my mother who broke her leg just before x-MAS. PS her bday was new year's eve. I'd love to win and share the giveaway with her.


This year, to celebrate New Year as I was alone, I had a cardmaking night! It was so fun that I wonder if I will not do the same next year! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize!

Cynthia Cole

I celebrated the New Year cuddled up on the couch. Love your sweet cards! I follow you on Instagram.

susie sonnier

I binge watched season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Happy New Year!

Gayle Bartholomew

Happy New Year! I follow you on Instagram (grammygnb) and enjoy seeing your wonderful creations including these two cards. So fun! I celebrated New Year's by babysitting my granddaughter.

William Carde

Celebrated with my wife watching the countdown and a glass of wine.


Thanks for being part of this amazing hop! Your cards are spectacular! Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!

Donna Carter

Love your cards!! Thanks for the chance to win!


OMG I love both of those cards! I'm definitely putting them in my "inspiration folder" for later. Thank you for sharing!


So fun, I hung out with the family on New Year's and today making my thank you cards.

Kelly B

Happy New Year! Thanks for the chance! I follow on Instagram.

Michel Espey

Celebrated by working. Thanks for the chance to win.

Denise deForest

Happy New Year, I follow on Instagram.

Julissa Padilla

Happy New Year!! Our family goes on vacation every year at this time based on our business schedule. We are in Florida now and enjoying the sunshine before we head back to winter Jersey. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see more of your work.

Ali Mckinlay

Celebrating with family

Karal Schuknecht

Thanks for the great inspiration and a chance to win prizes. I plan to use ny alcohol inks this year.

Jean maxwell

My hubby & I will be relaxing at home watching movies.

Teri Ives

Awesome thanks for sharing

Christi Conley

I have been following you on Instagram {@art.without.anxiety} already - I love the color choices you made on your two cards - they are both so different yet festive! Thanks for the chance to win :) Oh, I rang in the New Year snoozing in my bed LOL I'm a lightweight in my old age LOL

Super Stick Chick

Beautiful cards! You are so creative! We celebrated at home with the kids playing board games. Thanks for the fun and happy 2019.


Lovely cards. I celebrated with friends on New Year's Eve and spent New Years Day scrapboooking with a good friend. Happy New Year

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