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February 05, 2019


Anne R

You really have made that vintage fan look modern and bright Cheiron with your rainbow of colours, they are so striking! Anne x

Wendy Baysa

I absolutely LOVE how you have added the rainbow to this, takes it to a whole new level, Cheiron! :)

Rosetta Jenkins

Ingenious is the appropriate word for this project using an Inventors stamp set. I loved it! Also the use of colors amd masking to provide more interest. Very nicely done. Beautiful. TU for sharing!

AliceM in OKC

love the rainbow colors


Great job, my friend! I love the colorful fan and how the splashes match the colors inside it. So clever!

Lynne Vowles

Stunning, thanks for the tip of getting it to look as though the colour has spun out x


Cheiron... you know how I love rainbow palette! this card is amazing! barbara

Freddie Sleijpen

All I can say us GEE NEE USSS!!!


Love it!
Reminds me of a colour wheel chart........brilliant!

Kaye Thrasher

Beautiful card. Love the colors with the grunge stamp. It really looks amazing together. Thanks so much for sharing your art.🐧

Christine Welch

I wouldn’t have put the bright colors with the vintage fan...but now I would because it looks amazing

Tracy Evans

Loving the variety of the projects. Love your colour wheel type effect as the background, very effective. Love ❤️❤️

Phoebe pereda

I never would’ve thought of this use of color with the stamp. I love the way it appears the color is spraying out from the blade. Quite creative. Thank you for sharing.

Simona Rebecchi

This card is amazing...I love that you turned the fan into a colour wheel...and the trick to mask it and give it a coat of Pumice stone is just brilliant! Hugs! Simona


Clever mix of colour with the industrial stamp - the spray idea is brilliant!

Sarah Dott

Beautiful card.I love the vibrant colors!


I love your signature style with the rainbow colors; it is truly a breath of fresh air in all of the beautiful "distressed" world and you do it so well. Thank you for the inspiration and rainbow!


Just lovely!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Mary Anne Perlmutter

The color just pops and makes the stamp the focal point. Well done!

Gina S.

Love the combination of the vintage fan with the pop of bright colors! The splattering of the color really works! Looks like the fan is blowing it. So Fun! Learning so much on this blog hop! Not to mention all the inspiration!

Megan Swain

What a fun use of color. I absolutely love this and can’t wait to get the latest stamps! Thank you for sharing with us.

Megan Swain

What a fun use of color. I absolutely love this and can’t wait to get the latest stamps! Thank you for sharing with us.


Terrific creativity, Cheiron . Loving 'the brights' and how you have splattered the colours to look like they are being blown about by the fan . Great idea that adds wonderful movement the stamped panel.

Sylvia Hildman

WOW..love this project. Great info on the process. Colors are inspiring and I love these stamps.

Dj Doss

I just love the patent drawings and your colors on the fan are so much fun! TFS!

Amy Connor

I absolutely love this stamp. This came out amazing

Cynthia F

A big fan of this... love the color choices

joy meadows

This stamp is amazing and your use of color is just beautiful, Cheiron! Love this card.

Tammy Collins

Thanks for sharing.

Beulah Bee

I have a fan just like the one depicted on the stamp, it's pitch black and about 12" tall and belonged to my grandmother. How clever to turn the image into a color wheel and how brave you are--I never have the guts to "flick."

Teri Wilson

Ok anything rainbow calls my name! This is just gorgeous. You took an industrial piece and added the rainbow. Love it.

Emilia Sieradzan

Gorgeous card and beautiful colors! I love those splats! thank you for sharing :)

Lori Roberson

I love this stamp, and the way you used the colors. Amazing. Love the card! Thank you for sharing, and inspiring.

Rosalie Johnson

Terrific! Just love the bright colors! It just looks like they are being blown about by the fan . Very creative! Thank you for sharing with us.

Beverly Sager

How clever to use the bright rainbow colors with the antique fan image - beautiful!

Michelle Chmelar

What a great stamp! Love your take on it.

Deb Riddell

What a fabulous interpretation of this great stamp Cheiron, love the rainbow colours! Thanks so much for sharing it, Deb xo


What a wonderful card and the colors! Love it <3 I'll have to try your technique. The splatters make those blades have movement. How cool!

Richele Christensen

Cheiron this is gorgeous! I love the rainbow you created around the fan. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks for this card.

Carole Thibault

Thanks for sharing, I love the stamp and the bright colors.


Love the colors and these new stamps! Fabulous!! <3 <3

Cindy Unruh

I have always loved Tim's Blueprint stamps and have several in my stash. Will definitely add these Inventors to my wish list and I've got to try your rainbow approach to some of my projects!


This stamp bas been on my wishlist since I first saw it. Love that you combined it with these bright colours

Sherry T

I like the fan blowing the colors off, great effect! Love the Inventor Stamp line...great stamps and so many ways to use them...

Pamm Blanton

These are beautiful cards, thanks for sharing.

Susan Schultheis

Love the card and the colors are fabulous. Thank you for the inspiration.

Desiree House

I love how you turned the fan into a color wheel!

Rosann Barnes

I love it ! Genius to make color look like it was blown from the fan; your colorway rainbow is so pretty !


Love how the fan looks like it blew color everywhere. such a neat idea.


Super colorful!! The splatters really make this card to me!!

Phyllis Olson

Beautiful use of color! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Bethke

Beautifully simple. Luv it!

diana @ playing

Love the out of the box thinking here. I had not seen this before so this hop was a perfect way to make sure I got to see this.

thanks so much for sharing.

Sara Emily Barker

Wow! I love how you've used this stamp in your own personal brilliant style! What a great design and unique way to use the vintage fan (LOVE!). Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Kim Klinkovsky

I love the rainbow! Great stamp. Great design. Thanks for the inspiration!

Denise LaRonge

Creative way to use the rainbow!

Kirsty Vittetoe

Great stamps and Fabulous design!

Tara Thompson

I love this...the colors are so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Peggy westrom

Love the vintage fan,very creative the way you did the colors.


Ooo lovely colours!! Gorgeous make xx


“Fan”tastic! I love the bright and fun colors.

Theresa Petermann

love your bright colors. thanks as always for sharing.


Talented, just talented.


My mind is on overload!

Shirley McCullough

Great job, you have really made the old fan look great !!


Wow so vibrant. I love it. I certainly admire your patience in building such s creative card. Lucky is the person who receives this.

kathy tucker

Love the inventor series stamps and your bright take on them!

MaryJane Wilkins

I love the rainbow colors on the industrial fan! Great job!

Becca Neeley

Another amazing card Cherion! I absolutely love it when you add rainbows to Tim Holtz products. The mix of bright and cheery with vintage and industrial is right up my alley!

Reah Feiertag

Love the colorful card.


Very cool card. Making the paint spatters so it looks like the fan is spraying out color was so creative!

Christina Sedor

Hi Cherion, I love how you took one of Tim's stamps from the inventor set and made it your own style, using bright colours. Just makes the image pop! LOVE!!!


The "blowing" colors are very very cool! Really clever. And yes, for me the hardest part is stepping away from the project and being patient! Thanks for sharing

Ann b

Cheiron, seeing your colorful creations is always a highlight of my day, and this card was spot on. I love seeing the inventor stamps in a contemporary framework. Your addition of color to the central portion and then overlaying with pumice stone to draw out the dimensions was genius. Thanks for sharing this awesome card.

Brianne White

Ive been looking for this stamp! I try to find deals before paying full price but I'm not getting lucky lol


I adore how you did the splatters on the card. It looks like a color wheel gone mad.

Amy Blevins

Brilliant idea ! Love the brightly colored effect

Donna Nuce

Gorgeous rainbow colors. Love that fan stamp!

Christina H. Petersen

The colors are an amazing detail to this card. Real eyecatcher!

Susie A.

I really like the blueprint stamps. Great fan stamp and bright colors. Great job.

Judy Hodgerson

Such a beautiful and vibrant card. Makes me smile.

Mary McAvoy

I love this stamp!! I remember my parents having one like it but I especially love your "rainbow" colours being blown around!

Jo Kirkbright

My parents still have a fan like this - cloth covered cable & all - such a unique colour palette 🙏😍

K East

Great way to use color to highlight the stamp.


Love the stamps and how you used them. They are very cool.

Lynn Milewski

Love how you put these cards together! Thank you for sharing!!


Fantastic card, Cheiron! Love how you have splattered the colours to look like they are being blown about by the fan, what a great idea!

Becky Smith

Love the fun, bright colors with the vintage image!

Nancy Dempsey

Love the rainbow color wheel and splatters. Great way to use this stamp.

Bobbi Beech

Such a cute idea of the rainbow fan. Always look forward to your fabulous use of color.

Niicole Harper

I love the way you incorporated bright colors into your project. Thank you for sharing!

Judy lucas

Definitely a wish list stamp. Just beautiful


Love the rainbow colors in the fan! Now I want to make this too!


Those rainbow splatters really bring this card to life, very nice!

Mary Matthys

Very pretty!

Barb S

This looks like so much fun to try with such a delightful result. Thanks for the details!

Lisa Hoel

WOW! it looks so fab with the bright colors!

Lisa Angel

Love it! Keep going back for another look!

Katie Baird

Such a fun, unexpected card! Very clever paint splatter!

Sonja Woodward

I like the fan stamp.

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