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February 05, 2019



A fabulous use of colour...love how you did the splatters too.
xoxo Sioux


Love what you did with the coloring of this stamp! Thanks for the inspiration.

kathleen zweers-best


Mary Holshouser

Tim comes up with the
darndest stamps. That
fan is fantastic.
Great cards. thanks
for sharing

Sheila Bacon

What a combo- the image, the color, the splatters - they work so well together to make a unique, eye-catching card which deserves to be framed.

Cheryl Waters

I love this fun card. This card would brighten anyone's day. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Susanne Nordström

Cool card! Love the colors and your idea! And the vision of that the colors were blowing from the fan, so clever and fun!

Megan McDonald

Such a sunny and happy card

Anne Dwyer

Don't you just love Tim's blueprint stamps - such detail and a fantastic idea to colour each "blade" a different bright colour. Thank you for sharing.

Heather Smith

I love how you used colour to just make the stamp pop with the watercolouring and the spattering. Thank you for sharing this great card.

kath stewart

love your colourful rainbow take on Inventor 8, proof that Tim's stamps don't need to be used for grungy, hugs kath xxx


What a creative use of this awesome stamp! The splatters are so perfect!

Lynn stevens

Colorful use of the fan stamp.

Louise Hodge

Love it, beautiful display of colors

Juli Riedel

I love this watercolored piece! You have definitely inspired me to pull out my watercolor paper and create! Just waiting on the stamps now! Great job girlie!

Elly Booij

Beautiful, I like the colors.


What a cute and happy design. Makes me smile when I look at the card.

Anneke de Vries

Super, I love the colors with the old looking stamp, greetings Anneke


Fabulous x

Arianna Barbara

Wow! Beautiful card!!! Love the colors!!!

Zoe Hillman

This is a stunning card! You even made me love colour. <3


Looks absolutely awesome with rainbow colors!

Rhonda H

Love your use of color with the vintage fan!

Audrey Pettit

You have SUCH a knack for color, Cheiron! This is so clever and fun, and I think a really different and unexpected way to use those stamps. Love the rainbow, and how smart to add the corresponding color flicks around the fan, too. Really does look like the colors are being flung!

Pamela Palm

A rainbow look with the vintage stamps? Awesome!

Jennifer Durand

I never would have thought to use bright colors, but what a great idea! It's like a whole new fresh look for the Inventor series. And as someone who works at the US Patent & Trademark Office, I am partial to the inventor series.

Dee Earnshaw

love the arty look awesome work!!!!

Jeanne Beam

Such a gorgeous card! Love the stamp.
Thanks for sharing...


I love Inventor stamps, but I never know how to use them, with you I discovered that just a little color is enough to transform them into wonders! Thanks for sharing.

Holly S.

Such a fun and happy card!


What a bright color. Thank you for sharing.

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä

Love the fun bright colours! Gorgeous card!

Carrol Scanlan

Love how colorful your project is. Thanks for sharing.

Andre M.

Fab card, the paint splatters are such a clever idea to add movement. Thanks for sharing this inspiration with these fun products.


Love these stamps as well, but bringing your rainbow of color elevated the design to a new level! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

vicki follett

Vicki in MD - beautiful work - I love the rainbow you have created (as many others have already mentioned) and thanks for the reminder to let this dry completely before doing more with it. Something this impatient crafter often overlooks.

Jennifer Durand

I never would have thought to use bright colors with this stamp, but it looks great! Thanks for the new perspective. And as someone who works at the US Patent & Trademark Office, I am partial to the inventor series. :-)


I love the bright colors! Come on Spring!

Becky Partan

What a fun, bright card. Thanks for sharing.

Deb J

Wow! The color just pops. What a different take on coloring it. I really like this.


I love how you did the color - it just makes the fan stand out!

Holly Hatch

You have used some lovely colors. Sort of looks like a color wheel!

Lauren Mack

What a fresh idea; love the color!]

Bobbi Smith

As always Cheiron, you have such a wonderful way you spotlight all that fabulous COLOR!!! Love, love, love this card!!!


First I have to say I LOVE your name...my cousin's name is the same, but spelled Sheronne. I am loving the different take on this, no grunge, just bright and colorful. Thank you for making me think outside the box (of crayons, so to speak).

Shirley Henry

So cool!

TX Creatrix


Debbie Walter

Really nice card. Love the colors.

Sharron Moerke

Love the use of color on the fan blades!

Darlene Fellows

Love the rainbow in the fan! :)

Julia Aston

wonderful coloring on this fan stamp - so vibrant with the rainbow colors!

Janetta Zeimetz

Love the fan stamp, the card, and the rainbow colors. Nice job!

Zoe Taylor

So unexpected ... I have to keep looking at your card. A colour wheel in the fan.. wow

Pat Holcomb

Yep. I like it! Unexpected rainbow and "blow pattern" are fun to look at.

Deborah Cox

Cute, colors add so much interest!

Lori Thielen

Love the vibrant colors what a great idea for this stamp Thanks for sharing

Robin Erickson

Love love love the industrial look of the stamps!!

julie b

EEEK! I love this card and how you turned the fan into a color wheel. Most clever girl! WOW....love this. Thank you for the inspiration.


I’m always amazed at how wonderfully the bright colors can coexist with Tim’s distressed vibe. I tend to stay on the muted side of things but after seeing this, I’m going for it!

Peggy Joyce

Love these colors....and those cool stamp images.

Julie Draewell

Thank you for your idea great colors too......

Susan O'Halloran

Love the rainbow being blown about by the vintage fan! A lovely card!


What a great card. I love that fan stamp! Thanks for the inspiration I would have never thought to color it that way.

janet kay

who new an image of an old fan could look so good


who knew an image of an old fan could look so good

Barbara Bass

I watched Tim on You Tube as he shared a glimpse of the various projects. All I could say was “Wow”! Your piece is gorgeous.

Joey Barnes

I keep forgetting about flicking color over the edges. And a good idea to mask off the center to preserve the vibrancy if the color. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Fredregill

I’ll have to pick up some distress watercolor paper, makes the colors really pop!


Very cool

Miriam Prantner

Love that you colored the fan like a color wheel! Such a gool card!


Super cool card Cherion. Love how you added the splatters next to the coloring. Looks great!

Bridget Haig

Loved the stamp and what you did with it, I wish I could see those colors when my fan is on.


How fan is this?! Love the bright color and splat in your card.

Gretchen McDowell

That is awesome combo of the fan drawing with ROYGBIV! True Love. Thanks!


Love the look of the color splatter - especially "coming off" the fan. I need to get brave and try it. :)

Gail D

I felt happy colors spritzing off the page and sprinkling into my day. Thank you Cheiron!

Maxine Hodges

Cheriion, your colors on the fan are just beautiful!

Tracey M

This combination of a colours completely changes the vibe of the vintage-inspired image. Fun!

Debbie Emmons

Debbie Emmons

Amy B.

I would have never thought to have the colors blowing off from the spinning fan. You've opened up creative avenues that I hadn't thought of. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Hopkins

Love all the color!


A fantastic card!

Melanie Perz

Such a great idea using the fan stamp!! To see all the bright colours and then the splatters of each blowing all around is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!!

Jane C

Love the bright co,ours of the fan, love the rainbow effect.

Rox Boyce

Such a fabulous card showcasing the new Inventors 8 Stamp set Cheiron ♥️💛💚💙🧡💜 your created a fun and colourful card that certainly has me adding this stamp set to my Wishlist! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your technique.

Marie-Christine Denis

beautiful work with a wonderful stamp!

Connie Willis

I would not have been able to do that without help. I love what you created with the vintage fan!

Wendy Lambert

This is so cute. I love the splatter of colors outside of the fan, so creative!




The first time I saw your gorgeous card my immediate thoughts were, what an awesome stamp and wow a rainbow!
I love your card, thanks for sharing this Cheiron.


You just made me like those stamps

Ginger Jarnagin

The colors in the fan are bright, they look great.

Cassie's Creations

This is why I love looking at projects by other artists. I would never think to use bright colors with this vintage image but you opened my eyes to new creative possibilities. Thanks! It's such a fun and colorful card.

Amanda Fergusson

Nice stamp, I love your use of colour!

Debi Adams

Such a fun, bright card! Love the versatility you brought to the stamp.

Georgeanna Couldry

Love the twist on this stamp!

Norma Lynne Coleman

very nice


Love the card!

Vidette Benn

Great use of the rainbow. It is adorable. Love that fan stamp.


Is this what happens when unicorn poop hits the fan?!! I love how colorful this is and the extra spatter spinning off of the fan was such a great idea. Love this!

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