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January 01, 2020



the most meaningful gift i gave was probably the card i made for my mom. i spent a lot of time on it : )

Robyn Trimble

Now retired, I use my nursing background to care for my 88 year old dad, who still lives alone. Though hard at times, caring for my dad is as much a gift to me as it is to him.

Melissa Sugden

The most thoughtful gift.... hmmmm.... Well I made 5 different types of Jams for neighbors and friends and family, took me all summer as fruit became available and the Jalepenos rippened in my garden. In my opinion the best gift is handmade and from the heart. Happy New Year.

Dana W

I didn't give any particular one that held more meaning then another. This christmas I have a job and was able to do more for my family!

Isabel Z

The most meaningful gift I made were treat boxes for my daughter's teachers. I wanted them to know how much we appreciate all that they do.


Happy New Year!
these are so nice cards!
I thing most meaningful gift I made was decorated frame that I made for my nice.


The most meaningful gifts I gave this year were little snack bags (with things like warm socks tucked in) given to some older friends in the nursing home.

Linda Trace

I did a teaching prac in kindergarten, and got the kids to all paint pictures of Rudolph, which I photocopied and turned into Christmas cards. They all wrote (in their cute crazy writing) “merry Christmas from (name)”.
I hand delivered them to two local aged care facilities. Felt amazing!!! Merry Christmas Cheiron!! Hope 2020 is amazing for you xoxox
Ps I don’t mind not being in the giveaway due to being in aus but I wanted to post a comment :)

Cindy Adler

We recently moved south and near the shore. Dec 26 family walked the shore and collected beautiful shells. We placed a Dec 26 shell in each person's stocking at the up north big family gathering.


I suppose my care, love, support of my daughter & her 2 sons might be the most thoughtful, though I don't think of it that way. I'm fortunate to be able to share our home with them. Some of my friends think me crazy, but I love it!

Amy Taylor

I honored my father in law with a donation of a new water pump for a well in South Sudan. I also gave him the book that my 6th grade students read that inspired me to make the donation. A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. I loved doing this!

Nancy Stott

I think the most meaningful gift I gave this year was a needlepoint tissue box that took me 2 years (on and off) to make. I gave it to my best friend who appreciates handmade gifts. Happy New Year!


I gave my sister (and me) a week long beach vacation ... I love getting to spend time with her exploring.

Laurie G

I was able to surprise our son with a gift from something he said but was not asking for us to give him. The look on his face when he opened the box was priceless!

Jane Bosi

The most meaningful gift.....I think was time. I've been much more intentional in my relationships this year. Also, my kid loved his hoverboard :)

Judy Inukai

My husband is very proud of his service to his country in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. He is also very proud of being a Master Mason. My meaningful gift to him was a lapel pin and car decal that recognizes that he is both.

Debbie Selby

I go to two different Christmas parties where the gifts have to have a handmade component. It is so much fun to see how this translates into the gifts we give and receive..

Margaret Bridges

My husband loves the Beatles and vinyl records and at a craft show I found a guy who later cuts images from vinyl records. I was able to get an old Beatle record with the shape of the Beatle heads cut out of the record. It was really cool looking and am framing it for him to hang on the wall.

Sara Peatross

I took copies of recipes my mom had written on recipe cards and made them into kitchen towels for her sisters and my brother.

Barb Deichl

The most meaningful gift I’ve given this year was a pack of cards for our church auction. Happy Happy New year. Great Projects! ❤️Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

Debby Canady

I am quite proud of the gift I gave a new mom. I made her 166, 12x12 scrapbook pages of her new baby.

Anna Starr

My father has declared he has enough things and wants us to donate in his honor instead so for his birthday and christmas I was able to donate money to a charity and then teach him about the impact his gift would make. I loved watching his reaction as he absorbed what his gift would do.


Most appreciated gift was probably the sheet music I found that my brother has been wanting for a couple of years. Also gave him a keyboard.


The most meaningful gift I gave this year was a donation to the shelter my daughter works at.

Beth Myers

I gave out over 15 sets of hand made cards as gifts this year. My favorites were those w/ sayings in German for a small group of friends. We worked together there for many years on an Army base teaching. We are getting together this spring and I wanted them to all have a set to send each other in the group. I had so much fun thinking of our time together and looking forward to the reunion.

Natalie Godfrey

Happy New Year's! I would say it is all the birthday cards that I have given to my family members in 2019.
[email protected]

Marisa Ritzen

Beautiful creations and Happy New Year! The most special gift I gave this year was a batch of his favorite cookies my mom made. She passed last year and it was such a joy to make them in remembrance of her and to bless my brother with them :) He told me they were his favorite gift this year.

Stacy Petersen

The best gift that is given in our house every year is the gift of travel. Hubby and I plan a Christmas trip every year to explore, unwind and enjoy each other for two weeks over the holidays.

Claire Reed Warren

I gifted my grown kids gift cards for food so they could buy something fun with their own money


family photo

Sharon Mattingly

I think time helping at funeral lunches at church - the families are always so appreciative.
Best wishes for the new year!

Gretchen Wilson

Love me a rainbow! I gift my grandsons money this year the Oder still got a pizza made rom dollar bills, the younger got balloons with bills inside. At least it took them awhile to get them out!💜🤗🌲

Debra A Lockhart

My favorite gift I gave this year was homemade cards. I can't believe the response people had to something that I made from the heart and they really could tell how much love I put into each one. That was so fun!

Lana Lepinski

I was the recipient of one of the most thoughtful gifts. My neighbor and best friend gave me one of her snowman decorations that I just love. She wanted me get "get Christmas back". Some things happened right before Christmas that made me want to just slide through the holidays. Her gift just warmed my heart. It truly gave me hope that 2020 will be better!

Susan McClelland

I love the rainbow colours in your cards. My most meaningful gift was a set of cards I made as a hostess gift for a friend. We had not spent much time together in almost 40 years but she welcomed my family to her vacation home. We had a wonderful time together and it made me happy to give her a gift that I had made myself.

Bev Hill

I loved reading everyone's comments. The only thing I made this year was 16 crochet reindeer noses. I cherish the pictures I took of all of my family wearing different color reindeer noses.

Meghan Kennihan

I adore rainbows and follow you on Instagram! The best gift I gave was to my dad... it's a Where's Waldo style book but with his dog Ronan!

Mary Holshouser

I helped my granddaughter
make a tote bag for her
friend's mother. She
hasn't done a lot of
sewing - just recently
got a machine so I
guided her in putting
it together but she did
it all herself. She
did a fantastic job.
I was so happy that she
asked me for assistance.
thanks for sharing.

A. Rose

After hunting all over to find a pink crystal, which stands for love and heart hugs, I found one that was wired and I was able to get a small necklace for it. On Christmas Eve when I gave it to my 5 year old granddaughter, it was her birthday, I never felt more love!

Avra N Williams

Hooray for rainbows! I don't know that I gave anything particularly meaningful this year...everyone who receives my homemade gingerbread cakes every year enjoys them!

Jo Ann F.

My most meaningful gift was a calendar I made with calligraphy quotes about flowers.

Amy Cooley

The best gift I gave this year was my crafty and baking gifts. I love blessing the teachers in my kid's lives.

Jean Marmo

Such gorgeous cards! My mom is in a nursing home and I made a photo quilt for her. It had pictures of kids, grandkids and great grandkids!

Kimberly boliver

My Sister in law Judie has always supported my card making habit by purchasing various things I have made. She and her husband had their 20 yr banquet (which was a special year for them) for their martial arts studio and I made the name plates for their guests. She was very excited to get them and her guests were able to take them home as a keepsake.

Thank you for the opportunity for such a fun giveaway! LOVE the socks! Xoxo

Jean Maxwell

I enjoy making little items that I can leave on coworkers desk as a little surprise

christi neal

most meaningful gift was gift of presens.

Rhonda Miller

The most meaningful gift this year was spending time with my kids while they were out of school. We don't get to spend much time together these days, so it was a nice break for all of us.


Wonderful rainbow cards, love them.
The most meaningful gift I gave this year was a handmade card to a friend, which she cherished a lot. She values handmade presents.

Jacqie Malzahn

I created a mug for a huge Patriots fan with custom sayings on it. Things he says. Used my silhouette for some Christmas magic! He loved it!

Lauri Bacalzo

Happy New Year!
Who doesn’t love a rainbow after the rain ☔️
The artist set card is adorable.
Every Christmas my neighbors get together and sing Christmas carols to people that are home bound or do not have any family to spend the holiday with.
We bring a small gift of chocolate or something handmade.
Thank you for sharing your talents and being part of the blog hop.


Happy New Year! I love your colorful cards! The most meaningful gift I gave this year was making wedding invitations and favor boxes for my friend's daughter. Thanks for a chance to win!

Denise Bryant

A rainbow giveaway sounds fun!
I gave a necklace to my daughter that belonged to my Mom. I have several pieces of jewelry that were my Mom's and I knew my daughter especially liked this necklace.
Enjoying the Seasons Givings blog hop, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!


Happy new year Cherion..rainbows are always gun and they bright up the mood.. After a life changing event this year.. I've learning forgiveness.. But nonetheless I also took up card making as am art therapy to just art it out and the gift is so raise funds to help the war widows using card making.. 😊 😊 😊 So it's a gift on process

Karen Ondes

I gave myself and my sisters a craft night. I have 9 sisters and sister-in-law. It was a great night! So much fun.

Teri Wilson

I give away most of the cards I make.

Melanie Hungerford

I planned a vacation for myself, husband, and two grown up daughters. It is hard to spend as much time with them as they get older, but this trip will find us some family time!


ALWAYS love your rainbow goodness.
So I made my husband a card on Christmas morning and he absolutely loved it. That truly made my day.

Sherri Little

The most meaningful gift I sent out to over 50 people was my intricate Christmas card.


I'm on the House Mouse DT and I gave away so many much loved didn't want to part with them House Mouse cards so that others would be blessed and could bless others. It's so hard to give away what you create but my house can't be surrounded with mice and oh it was rather fun to give them to people after all.

Kelly Schirmer

I just love your rainbow designs, so bright and beautiful. The most meaningful gift I gave was volunteering with my teenage daughters at two Special Olympics events...our faces hurt from all of the smiling, we had so much fun and were so inspired by the athletes, coaches, and families :)!

keiren dunfee

Hmmmm most meaningful gift? I made salted caramel sauce for my nieces and bourbon bacon jam for my nephews (all over 21!) I think they loved them.

Mary Kay Ross

My most meaningful gift was time. My husband and I served dinner to gentlemen at a men's home. They were wonderful and we so enjoyed talking with them and hearing their stories.

Cindi Flass

I love your rainbow designs! My mother had a collection of teddy bears, each one named after a member of the family. When I adopted my daughter, the company went out of business and the bear with her name was no longer available. After years of searching ebay I finally found it. I was able to get her one as well as my daughter. The collection is now complete.

Julie O'neil

I'm originally from Hawaii and have moved to WA about a year and a half ago so the most meaningful gift I gave this year was a taste of the islands! I made some butter mochi and furikake chex mix for my neighbors, my daughters bus driver, and my coworkers. Thanks for the giveaway, following you on IG!

Jennifer Ingle

Rockin' the rainbows! LOVE your cards, as per usual, Cheiron. I put together a photo book of pictures of Sterling for my parents this year. That was probably the most meaningful gift we gave. Happy New Year!

Karthikha Uday

Happy New Year :) Super colorful and awesome cards!! My fav gift of 2019 was an interactive magic slider card I made for my daughter's 4th birthday. She wanted it to be galaxy themed with planets and rockets and I was super happy to make it the way she wanted :)

Andrea Lynn

I prepared and led a Christmas craft for my son's class. It took me several trips to the library and use of their Silhouette machine to cut the layers for the ornament. Everyone loved it and (I think) appreciated the time it took to prepare. I loved that it never once felt like a chore to me. :-) Love your site!

Kim Howard

I think the most meaningful gift I gave was right before Thanksgiving, my husband and I took a trip to AZ to go see a team he's been following for 30 years-the Arizona Wildcats. He's never seen them in their home stadium so we made that happen and had a fantastic weekend.

Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win!


Love rainbows, lovely creations.Thanks for the chance to win.

Jo Anne Malicoat

I don't know if this qualifies as a "gift" exactly, but an elderly woman uses the same vet as we do, and I was in there one day and overheard her making payment arrangements because her sweet kitty was sick and she couldn't pay. So after she left I settled her bill for her and asked the vet to keep it anonymous. I felt so good knowing she wouldn't have to worry about that any more.

Georgann Smith

The best gift I gave this year was a large garden banner and stand for my friend as a housewarming gift. She was so pleased, since it’s easy to see from the street. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Michele K. Henderson

Hi Chorion! This year, I was offered a job with a non-profit organization that helps kids who need it the most. Every single day, i give something of myself that I had never expected to. I couldn't believe how much these kids needed me, and how important I have become to them, and they have taught me so much! It changed my life!
Crafty Hugs!
Michele K. Henderson
[email protected]

Marisela Delgado

Baking for our local fire fighters every month for 4 and a half years.

Karen Kuschel

My goal is to include more water coloring in my projects this year, this giveaway is great for that! I always give my daughter a monthly subscription to something she loves as she lives in Chicago away from is and I like it that it reminds her she has a fan club close at heart. This year is teas of the month. She can think of us and how much we support her as she relaxes with her special teas each month. ❤

Mary-Anne V

The most meaningful gift I gave this year was to my sister. It was bible art by Amy Domingo - words of encouragement and strength.

Lori M

I led a return mission trip to Peru. We were there for the kids, but interacting with the full time missionaries there really helps them out in their everyday life until the next team arrives.

Jeanne Beam

The most meaningful gift was a basket that I filled with all my granddaughter’s favorite things. She look at me and said, “ this my favorite gift of all. ❤️
Happy New Year.

Bethany Mickler

Happy New year! The most meaningful gift I have for Christmas was a cowl that I made for my mom. She said that it was so soft and warm!! :)

Arlene A

Happy New Year and Thank you!
I'm still a new paper crafter but I gave a card to someone who had never been given a handmade card. He was truly happy.

Beverly Sizemore

I wish you a happy, healthy and crafty New Year! As for meaningful gift this past Christmas, I think it would be the homemade breads I made. I enjoyed baking them for friends and neighbors. BUT most of all I enjoyed decorating them with my crafty supplies so they would be pretty as well as delicious. :)

Beverly Perdue

The most meaningful gift I gave was a handmade picture for my daughter-in-law's grandparents. Their daughter passed away suddenly and they were devastated. I found a recent picture of their daughter and framed it using some patterned paper from my paper stash and some decorative die frames. They were very touched. Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.

Ceal Pritchett

what a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win. The most meaningful gift I gave this year was lap blankets to the nursing home patients


The most meaningful gift for me has been giving my gift of time to my 83 year old neighbor who has many health issues. I am blessed to help her with getting her mail, taking her garbage out, helping her with organizing her medications and the best of which is the gift of friendship which is meaningful for her as well for me!


The most meaningful gift I gave this year was a handmade card to a crafty friend for Christmas, someone who's away from family and hadn't got one since 7 years into crafting.

Neva Cole

Most meaningful gift we gave this year was allowing our wayward son to move home . . . and allow him to find his direction.


I helped a special friend make a birthday card for her mother - it was so fun and exciting to see her put it together! Thanks for sharing your creativity and providing such a great prize!

Karen Will

Perhaps the most meaningful gift I gave was a box of handmade cards for hospitalized children who are in long-term care. I hope it brings them a little bit of joy. Happy New Year!

Surekha Galagoda

Dear Cheiron
A very happy new year to you and your family with gd health and happiness.
I made four stationery sets for my lovely friends complete with greeting cards with envelopes, note cards, gift tags a pen and a note book. It was all handmade with love. I even made the gift bags. It was a real labour of love. I have given two already and they loved it so much and the other two will go out this week. As the gifts were given for Christmas i even hand made the Christmas cards.
With loads of love and Gratitude

Karen Letchworth

I actually reconnected this year with my 2nd gr. teacher (via Facebook). She gave me a beautiful gift by telling me that she had a piece of art I had created back in her class (in 1972). That was SO precious to see, and something that really touched my heart. Thanks so much for taking part in this amazing event of generous giving. May you all be blessed in return (in many other ways) for all the generous acts of giving.
karen Letchworth


Your cards are gorgeous! I love all the rainbow colors! What a super fun giveaway! I bought my 23-year old a Lego set! :) Every year when he was young we would stay up late and put together his new Legos on Christmas. I miss those days and so I bought a set and we all sat on Christmas day and put together the set! Another new memory was made! You are never too old for Legos! Happy New year!

Dana M

Oh what beautiful and happy cards for 2019! My mother is undergoing chemotherapy to I made a number of meals for the freezer so my father could make easy meals.

Dorothy Ayotte

Lovely cards! My most meaningful gift has been sharing our home with many visitors, especially an new family member by marriage who needed a break from spending all day and night at the hospital with her spouse. She came a number of times, and even after Christmas, spend a number of days with us. We gave her hospitality, but she gave us the chance to open our hearts and home to her (the bigger gift, in my mind)

Kimberly Sheppard

I love rainbow cards! My most meaningful gift was taking my kids on a trip to visit family.

Heike Carlson

I would probably say that giving my handmade cards to friends and family was my most meaningful gift. They are so appreciative of them.


My favorite gift this year was helping Dolly. She's 92; uses oxygen, a walker, and gets her hair done every two weeks! We have lovely visits and I get to shop while she's getting her hair done!


OH I love rainbows, always have since I was a little girl! I received many great gifts this year, my husband was exceptionally thoughtful ☺️

June Swart

Happy New Year! My son said to say it the Fedora hat I gave him for Christmas was the best gift. Wonderful rainbow cards. Looking forward to seeing all of your creative ideas in 2020!

Rachelle O.

Happy New Year and thanks so much for sponsoring a spot along this special blog hop! My favorite gifts to make/give were the homemade cinnamon brioche breads that I gave to all of my neighbors! The house smelled wonderful fo days afterwards!

Natalie H

Happy New Year! I think the most meaningful gift I give is taking pictures all year of the grandkids and then putting the photos in an album. One for each of my daughters and one for my daughter-in-law. It's really fun to look back on all their activities for the year.


Happy New Year! I think the most meaningful gift I gave this year was time. Time to volunteer for needy organizations and time for the sweet little ones in my life.

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