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January 01, 2020


Cheryl H

My gift was to myself (and my husband) and it's my health. I worked to lose 135 lbs this year so I can stick around a little longer :)


I would say it was key chains that I made for my crew at work. They all seemed very excited that I made them a little gift for Christmas. This is the first year that they have reported to me. Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year

Nora Noll

Happy New Year!! I LOVE all your rainbow cards. The most meaningful gift that I gave this year was a set of cards and matching bracelet for a friend. Her brother died a few years ago and she has a charity with a certain tag line. I made her some cards using the tag line as the sentiment and designed around that.

Lauryne Cunnignham

I made a recipe book for my sons for Christmas with easy recipes for them to make and family recipes. My boys really appreciated them! I also made 24 little tea light Christmas trees for my family and friends! Everyone loved them!

Terri Charles Watwood

My husband and I volunteered at a rescue mission during the holidays. Helped serve food to those in need.

Carla Hundley

This year, I
gave my husband
a puppy! He is
enjoying him
and makes us
happy. Wonderful
prize, thank you.
Carla from Utah

Lisa Byers

My son does so much for my husband and myself. He will drop everything to run over and help us. He is truly very devoted to us. For Christmas, we gave him a table saw that he really wanted. The look on his face was priceless.

Natalie S Winterstein

Not sure if it's a "gift" exactly but 2019 I made some major changes for myself. I quit my job of eighteen years, stood up for myself and took my health and happiness in hand. I started a new job in December and so far I love it! Never let someone else make you feel worthless or bad about yourself. I let it happen to me for far too long!

Rhonda L Gillette

The most meaningful gift I gave this year was myself. I sold my home, moved into an rv and came to take care of my elderly mom so that she would have someone here for her in case she fell or just needed someone to talk to.. I hope to buy a home again in the near future, but I am happy to have dedicated my life and time to someone else for at least a little while.

Bobbi's Treasure

Our son will graduate from university in May and needs a suit for interviewing, work, etc. Due to his size (6'6", 185 pounds), off the rack wasn't an option. We bought a custom made suit for him for Christmas. I like to think of it as the final "launch" of our baby, not an amazing young man. BobbisTreasure at aol dot com

Wendy L

The most meaningful gift I gave was a car to my 16 year old. Thank you for the chance to win

Joan Kinnischtzke

Gift of spending time with the little kiddos in the neighborhood - so heartwarming for them and their parents and for ME! Thank you for the chance to win giveaways and all your inspiration. Happy New Year!!

Brenda in IN

My gift was to some of my stamper friends and it was a goody bag with personalized aprons and stamping products. It was so meaningful for me to share that with them.

Beverly Jordan

Happy 2020 Cheiron!
As my most meaningful gift is time!! Over the years I have mentored, guided and been put in leadership of others. This year I spent many hours training to be apart of a ministry that helps those in "crisis" and am privileged to being apart of one woman's life as she walks through this hard time. God is so good to use me in this way. So blessed!!!

Have been one of your avid followers on IG as @jordanbev5
Beverly Jordan

Gloria lai

Happy New Year! I think the most meaningful present that i got this year, was something small but sweet. It was from my nephew, who is 4 years old. He gave me a little necklace that he made in school.

Kristine Reeves

I think the most meaningful gift is my time I gave to help start an art co-op in my small Alaskan town!


Happy New Year and thanks for being part of this amazing and generous hop! Love all your rainbow cards! My most meaningful gift was a mug with pictures of my brother on it for my father. When my brother unexpectedly died in October, my dad took it really hard. As my sister and I created a slideshow to celebrate my brother, there was a picture of my brother with a calf that brought tears of joy to my dad's eyes. That picture, with a few others, were on the coffee mug. I hope that it will bring a bit of joy to my father each morning.

Sara Emily Barker

I always love your makes, Cheiron! They are so bright and happy, and always bring a smile to my face. The most meaningful gift I give every year is time at my church, preparing and sending out meals to our community. Every year it grows, and this year 4100 meals were prepared and distributed. It is a gift that gives back way more. Thank you for your generous giveaway and for your inspiration throughout the year! By the way, I would not have known about this hop without you!


Happy New Year! The gift I had the most fun giving this year was taking my sister on a trip to the Gulf Shores for her birthday.

Paula Gentry

Happy Happy 2020!

The most meaningful gift I gave this year was monthly donations to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. They pair veterans with PTSD and other disabilities, as well as some civilians, with well-trained dogs that are life-changing.

Renee Vanepps

Oh wow, all the rainbow goodness is so yummy!!! The most thoughtful gift was coasters I finally finished making for my mom.. they are the kind you do with personal photos and a gazillion clear coats :) Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year!!!!

Pam Weiss

Happy New Year Crafters! Well craft related I made a Brag book for a friends daughter who had her 1st child. On a not so craft side, we raise our own beef and we always share beef with our neighbors.

Vicki Kroll

Happy New Year and your cards are so bright and cheerful. The most meaningful gift I gave this year was lots of cat food, litter, and goods to be sold to pay their vet bills for nine feral kittens and two mothers. I felt so good that day knowing they would eat good.

Jessica Porter

My son had borrowed money and didn't realize that his 100$ payment was only decreasing the loan by 30$ because the interest. He still owed $400.00 and he was struggling to pay it off with that much interest. I paid it off for him and told him it was part of his Christmas. He happy cried because he was so relieved. Love my boys


The most gift I gave this year was a memory book for my sister of her last year with her husband- he passed away last Spring.

Sue D

I like the make pillowcases for my grandchildren relating to something that is important to them. For example--This year to boys received arrow pillowcases because they are into archery.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com


Thank you - i love all your rainbows and color - it's my spirit too. My favorite gift I gave away actually was to me too - I was able to bring my daughter and her entire family of grandgirls along with me on vacation - we had memories that will last forever I was blessed to be able to do that. and so blessed they could come

Tracy Moloney

HAPPY 2020 :)
My most meaningful gifts this year have been time, teaching neighbours kids about colour and colouring ... our driveway has looked MAGICAL, I've also made lots of colouring cards that come with crayons and gel pens, so they can colour the digital stamps on the front and inside.
THANK YOU for sharing, INSPIRING, being part of this AMAZING 8th annual Seasons Givings Giving Blog Hop!

PS - I'm international, so please don't include me in your prize draw

Carrie Carver

Happy 2020! I believe the most meaningful was an encouraging card I made and sent to my Mom after a health scare she had. She said it brought her to tears and brightened her day. (This is why I love creating.)
Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your creations with all of us! Love the rainbows of color!

Kelsey Thomas

The most meaningful gift I gave was when I participated with the Rotary Club on sponsoring a military family in our area for Christmas. :)

Lucy E.

Rainbows are awesome!
My most meaningful “gift” was
taking care of my daughter and our grandson
through the holidays after my daughter’s car

sherri p

My most meaningful gift I gave was a scrapbook to each of my DIL and I made a quilt for a friend. I love making creations for others! plan on organizing my stash

Sandi Pressley

The most meaningful gift I gave this year were the 80 handmade cards that I sent out....they were all different and truly a labor of love on my part. Thank you for the chance to win.

Jean marmo

My mom is in a nursing home and is not really able to do much. I created a photo blanket for her including photos of her parents, my sisters and I, my children and grandkids. She will enjoy snuggling up with it.

Annette Reed

You do make spectacular rainbow projects. My most meaningful gift was a plate of homemade candy that different members of my family made over at my mom's. I have a plate last year to a family of my church who are very poor. They loved it. This year the mother (who was a classmate and friend in high school) passed away at the age of 52. I gave a plate to her husband and son to make this Christmas a little brighter in the midst of their first Christmas without her.


Enjoying some time together doing something (creating, laughing, lunch).

Elisa M Gray

The most meaningful gift I gave (that I can remember) is a Christmas tree we cut down on our property to give to one of my student's family who couldn't afford one.

Lisa Byers

The most meaningful gift I gave was a table saw to my son. He is ALWAYS there for my husband and me. He drops everything and drives over if we need help. He calls me 3-4 times during the week just to make sure I'm ok. He's a blessing.

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