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October 07, 2023


Angy Hughes

I love the blue alcohol ink lift card! So my colors 😍

Ellen Robinson

Thank you for showing 3 ways to use this stamp for 3 different looks. Beautiful!

Donna Phelan

These are so beautiful can colorful! Fantastic really! I adore the birthday ones--the colors

Gayle M

Lovely card.

Maria Lofftus

Beautiful - love Your choice of colors!

Tammie J.

Thanks for sharing the versatility! Love the colors you used and the alcohol ink techniques. I need some of that in my life. :-)

Penny Mann

Nice cards.

Robin Ridpath

Wow, I love seeing this stamp used in so many ways. They are all wonderful. The first one caught my eye because it looks like stained glass...beautiful.

Samantha Pfrimmer

Just a lovely card!

Laura B


Kim M Jacobs

Simply beautiful!

Melissa SunshineHoneyBee

Wonderful artsy look to creations.


Beautiful cards! Love the color variations.


Awesome coloring on the first card and a brilliant idea to use the alcohol lift for two more cards! I love the fall colors with the white embossing! It's great to see so many variations using the same stamp!

Sherri k

Love the colorful background. Looks like stained glass.


Gorgeous cards! I especially love the first one- the stained glass look is fantastic.

Lynn Stevens

Oh my gosh, that first card must have taken so much time to color, a true labor of love.

Jenna Chapman

Wow! I love how you gave 3 completely different ideas for the Mod leaves stamp. Great ideas. I love the resist you did and the colors you used on the last card especially. And the colors in the 1st one...so beautiful---I love color!!!

Lori Spitzer

Dear Cheiron - I love your style with each new make I see from you! These cards for the SSS hop are fantastic. You have really shown me how many ways I could use that Mod Leaves stmp. Wow!! GREAT job!
Lori S in PA

Kay Furnish

Great cards and that blue background for the left birthday card is so gorgeous!! It's amazing how the cards use the same supplies but look so different. Great job!

Kathy Eddy

Very fun cards!

Joyace Feheley

Beautiful cards! I love the many variations.

Cyndi Morris

Love these cards and love that Mod Leaf stamp!

Theresa Jordan

I hadn't really paid much attention to this stamp before, but this shows real possibilities!

Miesje Flach

Pretty, pretty, pretty! All 3 unique and stunning.

Ellen C.

I love the art deco vibes of your modleaf pattern!

Susie sonnier

Beautiful cards

Lempicki Antoinette

Like how you used the same stamp for three different looks and vibes! Well done.

Patricia Davis

love the birthday wishes cards.

Meghan Kennihan

I love your backgrounds! Gorgeous colors and designs!

Michelle R

Love the variety of uses of mod leaf stamp. I liked your.colors too..thank you.

Deborah Hellman

Wow... beautiful. Thank you for showing multiple uses for the same product.

Laurie G

How different the look & feel with different techniques

Elaine Faulkner

Those birthday cards are just yummy!! Plus, teal is one of my 2 fave colors😉!

Toni Kwaiser

The cards are all so different and beautiful!

Dee Earnshaw

love the designs on your pretty cards - thanks for the ideas


Like the stained-glass effect with the background stamp.

Gayle I.

Very creative variations using different techniques!

Berina Rajakumar

Such beautiful cards! So cheerful!


I love your color combinations! Your cards are so pretty and amazing.

Isabel Z

Oh my goodness, your backgrounds are stunning!

Bunny Hoyle

Wow! I am drooling over that beautiful blue and green Alcohol ink and yupo card. They're all nice but that one is incredible.

Cindy Graham

Great cards! Love your colors!

Jeanne Rice

Love the backgrounds and the colors. Love the techniques.

Julie Bowersett

Lovely cards. Thanks for sharing.

Veronica L Hunt

Very colorful cards!

Patti Bailey

Love the cards you made with that stencil. And for reminding us that there are so many different looks you can create with one tool!

Anneleise Hampson

Love all the different ways you showcased the beautiful products. Each card is so different.

Phyllis Freese

I like the different ways you used this mod leaf stamp showing it's versatility.

Donna Tuschoff

Beautiful color combinations!!

Lynn Chan

Wow these look so artistic! :)

Debbie Frank

Those background are wonderful!

Susan Prisbrey

Beautiful cards! That first card looks like stained glass!

Donna Cheatle

What a cool way to do a two for 1. Sweet.

Jenni King

Great cards!

marlee k

I love your jewel tones. I didn't think this stamp looked like much, but all the texture and your choice of color really show it off.

Reiko Flanigan

Bright, bold and beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra Y

These are so wonderful!

Marisela Delgado

Those are gorgeous! 😍😍😍

Karen Baughman

Beautiful vibrant colors!

Denise Bryant

Very pretty cards! The first one reminds me of stained glass! Great colors!

Orit Viderman

Very beautiful cards😍


They are all beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Holly M

Lovely and all so different! I need this stamp. So many uses out of one stamp and all unique.

Laura L Greig

That is a really cool stamp!

Nicki Baxley

Such great cards! Love all the examples.

Connie Hostak

I love the boldness of these cards! Beautiful!

S. M.

Your cards really show the versatility of the Mod leaf stamp - my favourite is the blue one with the navy Windswept leaves - so pretty!!

Kelley Clarke

Lovely cards !


Love how many different things you could do with this one leaf stamp. Love the stained glass color effect.

Janet D.

Wow, these are fabulous!

Caitlin I.

Very cool! Love the graphic background and beautiful colors

Shar Zar

Thanks for sharing a few beautiful ways to use the new product.

Tabitha MacKenzie

Love these cards. The blue is my absolute favorite.

Lissette Long

Thanks for sharing options on how to use the background stamps.

Teresa Rogers

Love how the first one looks like stained glass

Rosemary D

Fun cards!

Diana D Prather

Thank you I loved all the cards, especially because they a bit different. Patina is one of my favorite colors so I really enjoyed it. I always appreciate you sharing your work. I realize it takes a lot of extra time but I have learned so much from people like you who share what you do. I don’t have much confidence in my makes but my grandchildren don’t care and that helps me learn.
Again, these cards are beautiful and I enjoyed being allowed to learn from them. Your are so talented!!

Nandini Karmarkar

Gorgeous cards. Love the completely different looks from the same set.

Laurie Faye Helgason

Hi from MN. Great cards.

Savannagh Kacey

Wow on your use of color. The breadth of your imagination is inspiring!

Alisa Howard

Thank you so much for sharing these great cards!

Merrill P

I like how you make the one stamp looks so different in each card.

Kit A

What great cards with the really cool background stamp! It has a lot of versatility.

Katherine H

What a creative idea to use the same stamp in so many different looks. I’m loving it.

Terry Deason

So pretty!

Cathy Homan

I have to thank you for the tutorial. I haven’t tried the lift method.

Nancee Purdum

Such pretty cards! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Black

Gorgeous cards, nice variety of looks with the same design.

Lara Read

Very cool cards!

Ann H

Great cards, love the colorful backgrounds!

Emily B

I love how uniquely different each card is, even though you used the same stamp for each one. Inspires me to get creative with my own stash!

Lauryne  Cunningham

Gorgeous designs! I love the two-for-one cards and all the beautiful colors!

Sue D

Wow--love the variety you created with the mod leaf stamp.

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